Peter Piper

So many times

this nursery rhyme spoken

a tongue twister

with its own history

Pierre Poivre

missionary from France

with an eye on peppers

places to plant and grow

and a recipe for pickling

no refrigeration

so Peter Piper picked

and pickled


dVerse prompt on stream of consciousness following my first experiment with pickling peppers. This rhyme was a childhood favorite.

Peter Piper

Wild Docdodu

Find the wild docdodu

It has six legs

And wonโ€™t bite you

It hides in trees and on the ground

With eyes of yellow it looks around

Sometimes you can see it too

Because it has a skin of blue

If it would ever show itโ€™s head

Youโ€™d see an elongated neck

With beak the size of your motherโ€™s bread

I thought I spied it the other day

It had come to the ground

And was running away

I called it by name

But it wouldnโ€™t stay


NaPoWriMo prompt on a list poem so here is the list to identify the wild docdodu

Wild Docdodu


It’s a mole

It’s a mole

come and see him

make a hole


Where once the lush

green grass was flowing

now he makes it

hard for mowing


It’s a mole

It’s a mole

piles the earth

and moves the soil


See the brown ground

pushing upward

with every mound

he serves his hunger


It’s a mole

It’s a mole

watch him moving

towards the knoll


Down below

he tunnels further

if he keeps going

he’ll find some petro


It’s a mole

It’s a mole

both day and night

come see him toil


I count the piles

there’s twenty three

if it’s up to me

I’d stop the mole


It’s not a mole

It’s not a mole

after some thought

perhaps it’s a vole



NaPoWriMo prompt – repetition