Lake of Light


There on the lake at Fort Parker State Park, the day lingered on the surface. Sun disappeared on the horizon yet the light stayed. The water glowed for at least an hour as we walked the shore guided by its glow.

passing of daytime 

reflection bright as the night

on a cloudless sky 


Lake of Light

City of Rocks

out in the desert of New Mexico

a city of rocks

amazing to see

from near and far

it rose

by volcanic action

in a sea of hot brine

a city harder than concrete

testing time


dVerse prompt to describe a city

City of Rocks

Song of the Quail

the quail on the rock

is my song

sun on the lizard’s back

bighorn sheep

that never appeared on the crag

are my song

it is enough to know they are there

hidden high in the nursery sites

desert erosion washes away

my song

exposes new terrain

a precious stone

an ancient artifact

then the quail sing again

their song


Toads prompt on discovering the song of your poeting e.g. Whitman’s Song of Myself

Song of the Quail