Kumawu Village

Ashanti village

home of chiefs

kings and queens

guarded by a warrior

timber and gold

farms of cocoa and tomato

waiting for the harvest

A rainbow over Kumawu

Kumawu Village

On the Road to Kumasi

Trucks and cars passing by

this rainy day going to Kumasi

past villagers selling their goods

lush vegetation plantain & banana

small mountains in distance

no naked flame the sign reads

no bush meat for me

as we travel on

mindful of where we are going

what we will do when we arrive

On the Road to Kumasi

Mandela’s Mango Tree

Mandela’s mango tree

is planted here

Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park

Accra in Ghana

The trees of the park

are of nations

presented to honor Nkrumah

first president of Ghana

leader of independence from British

scholar economist educator

founder of University of Ghana

His burial here

so we don’t forget


Organization of African Unity


where he points the way

into the future

The trees of nations

grow in the park

their roots mingle

share nutrients

absorb rains

off the coast of West Africa

Mandela’s Mango Tree