Lunch at the Top

We hiked to the end of Watchman Trail. Not too red in the face. Not too out of breath just kept going to the top.  Then we sat on a rock and eat our lunch surrounded by peaks of Zion.

picnic on the trail

can’t remember what we ate

fed by the beauty

Lunch at the Top





had a powerful ministry explaining the kingdom of God

predicted His own death and resurrection

did’t preach it

trained his disciples and commanded them

Go ye therefore and teach

the gospel of the kingdom to all the world


Trade roads connected worlds apart

Caste lots and went out as directed

James executed by Herod by sword

Paul’s letters from prison taught more of the kingdom and how to deal with the church before Nero took off his head

Peter’s request to Nero “crucify me upside down”

Matthew stabbed to death in Africa

Did Thomas really set sail or did he take a well traveled overland route? Was he killed by soldiers or Brahmin priests or a wayward peacock arrow?

Andrew crucified in Greece

Philip cruelly put to death in Hierapolis and his tomb most recently found

Simon refused to worship another god (sawn in half in Persia)

Jude (or Thaddeus) martyred by arrows in a mountainous region of Northern Turkey

Another James was stoned and clubbed to death in region north of Israel

Bartholomew martyred for his faith southern Arabian area

We all know Judas killed himself

John the most beloved died of his old age


Sonnet for Game of Thrones

Off they went to battle with death

better organized than their foe

hardly time to pursue a breath

the horn did three times blow



Picture them now on the battlefield

dragon glass spikes and burning moat

fire rains down on corpses held

under spell a straight spear will unbolt



Heroes will live and some will fall

I hope your favorite is not done

we know it can’t be the end of all

there are more episodes following this one



Game of Thrones season finale is here

read the book or binge-watch next year

Sonnet for Game of Thrones


Fern Garden

swords pointing upright soft fronds curling

out of the ground

turn hard sharp then bend

bird’s nest

ruffled and feathered

soft under the rhododendron

Water Garden

wet with salamanders and frogs

hiding in the lily pads

bog bean taking over

hard slate waterfall 

needs watercress between cracks

or flow again the dry creek bed

Vegetable Garden

wintered over the arugula and beets

one chard plant survived the snow

time to plant more greens some peas

these beds are ready from last fall’s harvest

now sun is warming their cold soil

plant the radish and watch it grow

Flower Garden

primroses always the first to show

nursery bed with more hellebore 

cut back the fuchsia before it blooms

hummingbirds bumblebees search branches

lavender iris lilies galore

plant more hyacinth let its fragrance flow

Who can work these gardens?

Feel the earth between tired hands?

Feed the roots and make them flower?



A yellowjacket is not a bee

it is aggressive

stings multiple times

eats meat and honey bees

My daughter stepped in a hive

we were walking in the woods

off trail when buzzing

erupted out of the ground

Run I yell

we all ran towards our house

I licked her three year old’s wounds

with baking soda and kind words

love that child with all her stings