P is for Peace

Protesting the protestors’ protest

Right on time

Of protested protest

To put the pro

Easily back in protest

Start the test

To see what brings peace


dVerse prompt on protest poetry. During the Vietnam War protests we were sewing P arm bands. P was for peace

P is for Peace

Need for Prayer

Jesus walked down

from the mountain

& a crowd had gathered

waiting for his return—

here a man pleaded

for healing of his epileptic son

(the disciples who had stayed

could not heal him)

Jesus thought them all faithless

& called the demon out of the boy

who convulsed violently

& was finally rid of that spirit



The disciples questioned Jesus

why they had failed

& Jesus told them

that prayer and fasting was required

Need for Prayer

To God

I can’t come out today

I don’t know what to say

I would if I could

all the other prayers

seem so much better

I know you hear trillions of prayers

I am just one of çazillions 

help me to find a connection

I am lost in my procrastination 

Is it better to write you a letter


POV of the prayer

To God