Being Close to Lions

Describe a risk you took that you do not regret.

In open safari vehicle

my driver Robert

drives right up on the lions

who have killed and eaten

a water buffalo

of last night’s kill

I can smell the carcass

and hope that they

are too full

to find interest in me

Being Close to Lions


The seed of a poem lay dormant in my heart, like turnips I planted last summer, old seed that I threw on the ground. I watered and watered and a few sprouted, needing protection from slugs. I left them in the fall. Their winter was hard and had snow, while I traveled across country, then across continents into Africa, to tropical landscapes and 12 foot kale.

I forgot about my garden back home, my newly planted asparagus, lingonberry bushes, shallots, garlic and those old turnip seeds. Forgot about my hopes that a winter garden was possible.

In March my husband returned home without me (he doesn’t go overseas). He got the urge to work in the garden. His call to me, “Is this a vegetable or a weed?” It was my turnip.


dVerse prompt flash nonfiction in 144 words or less using the quote in italics by Valsa George from Winged Words


Baobab World

The world is a baobab

teeming with life and water

without water it shrivels

and dies

[Ibu Batuta an Arab explorer in East Africa saw a baobab and recorded it in his 14th century travelogue

botanist Alpino in 1592 ate the fruit while in Egypt and called it Bahobab from the Arabic buhibab which means many-seeded fruit

French explorer Michal Adanson observed a baobab in 1749 on the island of Sor in Senegal recognized the fruit described by Alpino and called it baobab]

Now the singing tree of superstition is alive

and filled with water

holding perhaps 12,000 gallons

replenishes itself in the rainy season


who stops the rain?

bwana anaokoa

Oh singing tree of superstition

bark taking water in

smooth bark

leaves like a vegetable

everything here for survival

pulp of the seed like candy


beautiful inside and out

qualities that go forward into the ages

living thousands of years

Oh singing tree

withering prophet

speak for the world


save us

Oh singing tree that gives blessings

and curses

in you there is life


NaPoWriMo Day 8 “Twenty Little Poetry Projects”

Baobab World