Hope to Return

Maybe at Christmas

or next year

to return to Portugal

learn the language

hike on a rugged


to the surf

of Mediterranean

or Atlantic

hope to return


NaPoWriMo prompt to the concept of return. Last day for thirty days of writing poetry. So hoping there will be a return to traveling.

Hope to Return



Crete in late October

stay at the Domes Noruz

beach resort in Chania

a feast at breakfast 

rental car required 

to visit Elafonisi

most beautiful pink beach

follow winding road

through countryside

visit a monastery 

hike Imbros Gorge

so much to do

on an island

or do nothing



dVerse prompt on travel.  Hoping for the day I can return to Crete.


Wonder Uterus

Sunny gardenia

gothic drink in the morn

gecko or fox in a hole

this penny & tulips

wonderful uterus

lover of countries

democracy & t-shirts

a tornado of Hemingway’s


Dear Jane

Kim is dead

turtle & Goodnight Moon

rebar into birds singing

of governments & ferries


NaPoWriMo prompt to take the quiz presented and make it a poem. The Wonder Uterus graffiti was found in Lisbon, the land of graffiti.

Wonder Uterus

Travel Memories

Shutterfly delivery on the porch

an archive of our last trip

to the Middle East


countries of West Africa

Spain Italy Albania Greece

Cut the edges

make each photo fit

record the moments

we took the heat of Dubai

posed with a volcano in Sicily

selfies with monuments

Find more detail with the spy glass

in the faces of our Ghanaian friends

that trek up Prayer Mountain

visit clear waters of Lake Bosumtwi

smiles of our host family in Abidjan

tears when we were leaving


NaPoWriMo prompt to collect an archive and write

Travel Memories

Mixed Travel

Sign reads

life-sustaining waters

nobody moved an inch

going day by day


dangling on clouds

voices that echoed

a memory of singing


I know this dream is about death

remember the fig tree that did not bear fruit

destination just too far away

air was so fresh

along the shore of the Mediterranean

digging into the ground at Mt Etna

thieves working

hot rocks under foot


Everyone waits for the next big eruption

remember the day

dance with the children

oil on canvas

sound of a thousand bees

fresh eyes of many fish

world of confounded language

Orion fading


So smooth

tropical vegetation

people begin to rumble

anchored by stones

when you return

each step a prayer

a rainbow over Kumawu

as we travel on


With signs

no time for chicken

so we don’t forget

when the sky is clearer

our daily bread

cool breeze

who has the right of way

like cowry shells


Languages come together

you could be anywhere

bananas from Ecuador

no one goes away hungry

birds make a melody

flying into day

even when still




NaPoWriMo prompt with my own personal twist.  Took a line from many of my travel poems and created this mixed travel poem.




Mixed Travel




October 30, 2019, returning from Athens to NYC.   My daughter and I had traveled together for two months without having any major disagreements. There was just one night in Dubai when I was verging on being a selfish, judgmental person; I got over it. At the outset of the trip, I said I wanted only three things— to go to Prayer Mountain in Ghana, to do a day trip to Morocco, and to visit Pompeii.   I am easy to please most of the time.


I take it back. There was a moment on the train from the Athens airport to our hotel in the heart of Athens when I was so nervous about getting off at the correct station that two pickpockets targeted us. My daughter felt a hand in her bag and looked the thief in the eye. He bolted without her wallet. It was an elaborate scheme where one thief held the door from opening, while the other went for the cash. My lesson— stay alert, don’t become a victim.


Now that I am remembering— the other time my daughter got mad at me was at the Catania Airport when I turned into an “ugly American” and told off a group of Italians on the tarmac bus to move closer together so everyone could get on. I was shouting in English and nobody moved an inch.



trip of a lifetime

pray for Europe  Africa

and all of the world




dVerse prompt to use a poem written about myself and write a haibun based on that poem. I used my poem Language written October 7, 2019, while I was on this trip and at one point, didn’t know where I was. Now I pray that someday I can return, especially to Ghana.


Caesarea Philippi

Start in Caesarea Philippi

twenty mile walk from Capernum

take the Roman road

to the Greek god Pan

beautiful site

at the foot of Mt Hermon

source of the Jordan River

the Cave of Pan


where Jesus told his disciples

that he would die

& live again

Who do you say I am?

& Peter exclaimed

Son of God!

& with this revelation

the church was built

here on the crags

of Caesarea Philippi

Caesarea Philippi

In Albania

In Albania

we visit the Jonathon Center

dance with the children

who are celebrating a birthday

This is the house where Mother Teresa’s mother

and sister lived during Communism

Mother Teresa was not allowed into the country

they said she was a spy

When Communism fall in Albania

Mother Teresa returned

put flowers of forgiveness on the grave

of the dictator and then went to her mother’s grave

When her mother was living

people would have coffee with her

they could not talk about God

there was no God in Albania


stories from Albania

In Albania