My Travels

I will ride the sunrise into the day

Watch the colors fade to gray

Through mountains both near

And far away


Day Five prompt using a poem from another language. Albanian poet Xhevahir Spahiu poem My Travels and a photo I just took at Craggy Wash in Arizona.

My Travels


The hearing ear, and the seeing eye, the LORD hath made them both.  Proverbs 20:12

perception of the eye

not just what it sees

optical illusions trick of the eye

paralex vision 


perception of the eye

what is there that is not seen

yet it is clear

knowing the invisible

God’s eye


NaPoWriMo prompt from Theodore Roethke poem In a Dark Time – “In a dark time, the eye begins to see…….”



The world filled with the unfinished

a little of this a little of that

books unread a poem not complete

part time religious commitment

try on this or that

Better to begin your one foolish project

Toads prompt – review a favorite poem

Poetry by RUMI – These Spiritual Window Shoppers FourSeasonsProductions on youtube


The Pen and the Plow

similar in shape not size

both cut deep without reprieve

over land and paper furrows go

“never an easy way”

before setting pen or plow

“find out the nature of the place”

does it require corn or grapes

in that yet unbroken ground

“take command over the fields”

so plant other crops

burn off the empty field

change is good now get to work

fling dung and ashes

shout away the birds

“call down rain with your prayers”

let the crosswise story be told


NaPoWriMo – write a georgic

Quotes are Virgil translated by Robert Wells

The Pen and the Plow

The Creation of a Poet

Sometimes I want to use small words
and make them important           Mary Oliver

listen to the everyday cadence

birds calling you’re a thief

you’re a thief don’t believe them

Robert Bly’s Raven Hiding in a Shoe

“Ravens at night hide in an old woman’s shoe

A four-year old speaks some ancient language

We have lived our own death a thousand times.”

look at the people going somewhere

that is a common factor

that and death from Kenneth Fearing’s Dirge

“And wow he died as wow he lived,

going whop to the office and blooie home to sleep and

biff got married and bam had children and oof got fired

zowie did he live and zowie did he die”

study other poets

you can find your own voice hearing the voice of others

Pablo Neruda XXVIII

“My poem happened

for you, for nobody,

for everyone.”

“Sucedio mi poema

para tu, para Nadine,

para todos.”

translate someone even if you do not know the language

you will learn as you go

Basho translated by Robert Hass

“A bee

staggers out

of the peony”

go out of the country and write in your native language

while surrounded by another language

it gives new perspective on your own words

helps you choose your words and disrupts

your cultural bias

go into a poem with all your senses

immerse yourself

Ishmael Reed

“this poem is the reader & the

reader this poem”

The Creation of a Poet

Don’t Want These Killings No More

To help prompt myself I will be studying a poet – one per week.

This week is Langston Hughes.  Here is his poem Song for a Dark Girl


Song for a Dark Girl


Way Down South in Dixie

(Break the heart of me)

They hung my black young lover

To a cross roads tree.


Way Down South in Dixie

(Bruised body high in air)

i asked the white Lord Jesus

What was the use of prayer.


Way Down South in Dixie

(Break the heart of me)

Love is a naked shadow

On a gnarled and naked tree.


Now the poetry prompt is to write about a troubling subject.

Here is my work in progress –


Don’t Want These Killings No More


Don’t want these killings no more

black on black

cop on black killings no more


Don’t want these killings no more

white gangster confederate flag bearing

killings no more


Troubled youth

black trench coat killings no more


Sandy Hook Elementary youngsters

had to die too soon killings no more


Jogging down the road

drive by killings no more


No more

Don’t Want These Killings No More