crucial to finding the way is this there is no beginning or end only a lingering in the middle caught in the middle of nothing and nothing with no end marks and capital letters no space whiteness on a paper where a word isn’t and silence takes over just a blob of words on a page of middleness


dVerse prompt on prosy using Jo Harjo’s line Crucial to finding the way is this: there is no beginning or end. combined exercise with Ursula K. Lê Guin’s Steering the Craft Exercise 2 to write with no punctuation



In their dreams 

they sleep with the moon

          by Mary Oliver from Death at Wind River

Subquishable wants to know where did you go; your background and foreground; lay of the line. Keep it personal, submittable, short and divine, but the words aren’t right because some have already been taken, so touché to cliche! Use them anyway. If structure is not your master, remember Cummings put a letter anywhere. When punctuation creeps into the fray, there is no rule that wants to stay. Hang those commas in the air; see them everywhere. Use the Dickinson dash without remorse. Watch out for song and rhyme because it just might make a poem subquishable.


dVerse prompt on prosery combined with a line from Mary Oliver.  This prose poem is definitely subquishable.