Yellow Boat

yellow boat resting

unpredictable ocean

comes out of doldrums


dVerse prompt to write of yellow

Yellow Boat

Honey Love

Too much honey i poured straight from the jar

telling myself it would make things sweeter

how the taste would linger deep in my throat

poison to swallow when my love is far


give too much honey myself and I’m weaker

find a balance on this menu of love

sweet and sour are good combinations

let it bind in robust flavor for two


My love is greater with the right antidote

not one or the other but a nice mix

all ingredients combined in a bowl

stirred into an harmonious union


Too much honey can spoil the batter

love is a complex evolving matter


NaPoWriMo Day 9 to write a love sonnet

Honey Love


I want to know what makes a flower bloom

My tulips look like I planted upside down

Iris are all green with lanky stalk

Lilies look so small and disarrayed

Is it the lack of nutrients in the soil

Or winter’s low shading of the sun

My pear tree must have flower to fruit

Without blooms peas and beans retreat

Do not waste away another day

It’s time to fertilize fertilize fertilize

Come alive


NaPoWriMo Day 16 prompt to write a curtal sonnet.