Crazy Robin

Crazy robin has scarred all my windows

dirty bird footprints all over the glass

all summer he will tap and crash

each window a new threat

til he has exhausted himself

or found a lover

Crazy Robin

Lunch at the Top

We hiked to the end of Watchman Trail. Not too red in the face. Not too out of breath just kept going to the top.  Then we sat on a rock and eat our lunch surrounded by peaks of Zion.

picnic on the trail

can’t remember what we ate

fed by the beauty

Lunch at the Top


Fern Garden

swords pointing upright soft fronds curling

out of the ground

turn hard sharp then bend

bird’s nest

ruffled and feathered

soft under the rhododendron

Water Garden

wet with salamanders and frogs

hiding in the lily pads

bog bean taking over

hard slate waterfall 

needs watercress between cracks

or flow again the dry creek bed

Vegetable Garden

wintered over the arugula and beets

one chard plant survived the snow

time to plant more greens some peas

these beds are ready from last fall’s harvest

now sun is warming their cold soil

plant the radish and watch it grow

Flower Garden

primroses always the first to show

nursery bed with more hellebore 

cut back the fuchsia before it blooms

hummingbirds bumblebees search branches

lavender iris lilies galore

plant more hyacinth let its fragrance flow

Who can work these gardens?

Feel the earth between tired hands?

Feed the roots and make them flower?



A yellowjacket is not a bee

it is aggressive

stings multiple times

eats meat and honey bees

My daughter stepped in a hive

we were walking in the woods

off trail when buzzing

erupted out of the ground

Run I yell

we all ran towards our house

I licked her three year old’s wounds

with baking soda and kind words

love that child with all her stings


Bird Behavior 

It is springtime. I have returned home from half year spent travelling. It is time to reclaim the house from the woodland creatures. A flicker comes every morning and drills at my corner of the building. Deer are in the garden. The robin comes as sure as Solomon’s Seal and pecks at my window.  

This robin sits on the sill, its head turned and one eye gazing in. All he can see is himself in the glass. He sees himself as.a reflection of another bird. Threatened somehow by its own glass-image, it pecks the vision, flies up, flies in and pecks again. What does that bird hold inside itself that is so tormenting that it repeats this over and over again?

Sometimes that robin scares me. I’ll be calming reading, entrenched in words and bam. The bird flies into the window again. Makes me jump, startled, annoyed. How can it be so tormented. To be so tormented by yourself that you rise up and keep hitting the hard cold reality of a window.

what nature is this

absorbed completely in self

far removed from God

Bird Behavior