Morning Before Coffee

Today we juiced instead of coffee

invigorating ginger shots and beet juice

combinations of lime and carrots

snapchat your birthday morning juice bar celebration

of aging up and passing the bar

your youth my recompense


Now you have to go and I am

looking out the window

onto a morning before coffee


a Toads prompt from day 30 of writing a poem a day

this was instapoetry based on a photo of looking out the window


Morning Before Coffee

Remembering Lorca


I remember reading Lorca in the rain

“amethyst of yesterday and breeze of this moment,

I want to forget them!”

I remember sorrow in knowing of his death

“. . . waiting in the algae or in the chair, their night,

I want to forget them!”

I remember Lorca yet I want to forget

NaPoWriMo prompt on remembering

from The Selected Poems of Federico Garcia Lorca – Useless Song

Remembering Lorca

A Garden or Not

It is fun planting a garden in Texas. Then the rains come and wash it away and what was a line is scattered about.  See the little sprouts making their way especially the beet sprouts which are gone the next day. Keep the deer away, the slugs and raccoons, all the other garden predators that will be coming here soon. The garden was planted, I had taken great care to aline all the rows so I can watch it grow, or not.


NaPoWriMo prompt to write a story and run it backwards. Either way I have trouble gardening in Texas.

A Garden or Not

Summer of Pirates


It was the summer of pirates

Jolly Roger crew

set sail on the high seas

of Iowa grassland


Swords and muskets drawn

we plundered and raved

under the pirate’s flag

leaping from ship to shore

from the  old Navy cot

to the Walker’s rockery


I was captain

my two year old sister

the happy stowaway

content to sit on the meandering vessel

while others walked the plank

at my command 


We sailed for days

There was no treasure

only a map

tucked in my pirate belt

that led us in search of that

which we knew not

Summer of Pirates

Poem from William Faulkner

Some of the machinery would be left

new pieces could always be bought

on the installment plan

gaunt staring motionless

wheels rising from mounds of brick rubble

ragged weeds with a quality

profoundly astonishing

gutted boilers lifting

their rusting bodies

unsmoking stacks

an air of stubborn

baffled and bemused

upon a stumppocked scene of

profound and peaceful desolation

unplowed untilled

gutting slowly into red

choked ravines

beneath the long quiet rain of autumn

the galloping fury of vernal equinoxes



long sentence of William Faulkner made into poem

from chapter one of Light in August

Profound that this one sentence held a whole description of

what was occurring in his times.

Faulkner’s world record of longest sentence in literature has

now been surpassed.


Poem from William Faulkner

Road Rage

On Houston freeway about 3:10

Traffic is moving on right and on left

Someone swerves over and cuts me off

beep – beep         beep – beep – beep


I must keep going to places I know

There is need for a lane change   No

Speeding up on my rear regardless of blinker

Beep – Beep        Beep – Beep – Beep


Now 35 in a 60 is incredibly slow

Are you texting while talking and eating a roll?

This can’t be the fast lane when behind this guy

beep – beep        beep – Beep – BEEP


Out in the distance I see traffic slow

There is a long back up to exit 59

People are cutting in and making everyone go



NaPoWriMo prompt a chorus of honks


Road Rage

With Us


You’re sItting here with us, but you’re also out walking

in a field at dawn.  Past the wheat stalks

bent from the approaching harvest.

You are the One waiting

whispering into the eastern sky

light spokes out of the clouds opening.

You’re sitting here with us, but you’re also out walking.


NaPoWriMo prompt to use first line of a poem.

This is the first line of  Rumi’s poem The Diver’s Clothes Lying Empty

With Us



My onomatomania was simple,

simply unenthusiastically simple.

Anachronistically speaking

I knew it would never be simple.

What a simple approach to life

was held by the valetudinarian,

the intercolonization of simple

cells to take away carcinogenicity.

With simple histomorphology

we can simply change the world.


NaPoWriMo prompt to use complex with simple words