Poem from William Faulkner

Some of the machinery would be left

new pieces could always be bought

on the installment plan

gaunt staring motionless

wheels rising from mounds of brick rubble

ragged weeds with a quality

profoundly astonishing

gutted boilers lifting

their rusting bodies

unsmoking stacks

an air of stubborn

baffled and bemused

upon a stumppocked scene of

profound and peaceful desolation

unplowed untilled

gutting slowly into red

choked ravines

beneath the long quiet rain of autumn

the galloping fury of vernal equinoxes



long sentence of William Faulkner made into poem

from chapter one of Light in August

Profound that this one sentence held a whole description of

what was occurring in his times.

Faulkner’s world record of longest sentence in literature has

now been surpassed.


Poem from William Faulkner

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