Too Hot

it is as hot as Texas in Washington except there is no air conditioning. Here it is not normal to be in the 100s. Sit in shade. Take off the drab jeans and t-shirt. Put on a wrap-a-round.

too hot

for clothes

naked gardening


dVerse prompt to write a quadrille with the word wrap.

Too Hot

Coffee Withdrawal

Coffee coffee buzzbuzzbuzz

I was addicted to coffee

had it everyday

about the same time

double shot


Coffee coffee buzzbuzz

double shot

seeped in flavor

magical beans

ground fresh

Coffee coffee buzz

welcome the first sip

aroma too

dark with crema

Coffee coffee

don’t need the buzz

no addiction


I quit


dVerse prompt on Ben and Jerry’s ice cream flavors. I chose Coffee coffee buzzbuzzbuzz because I quit drinking it but still grave it.

Coffee Withdrawal