I bless those who enter the fray

a mother praying nightly for safe return

now fights against sex traffic of child

in a country with a written law

helping law keepers to better know it

protect those who cannot protect own self

want to end slavery in our lifetime


dVerse prompt to write a Kwansaba (seven lines, seven words per line, no word over seven letters)


After Christmas

All the guests

have left the house

Christmas is over

the goose was cooked

stewed in its fat

pennies weigh heavy

in the old man’s hat

all I have left to do

is to bask awhile

in the aftergloom


dVerse prompt to write a poem using a word from The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows. I choose aftergloom.

After Christmas


When I got too haughty, my mother would say, “Who do you think you are? A Floradora girl?” I hardly knew the meaning of a Floradora girl but it was the tone of which she spoke it that made me pause my behavior. I knew she had a doll named Floradora. I didn’t know Floradora girls were also beautiful women who danced in a chorus line in the musical of the same name. Perhaps her mother had said the same to her when she displayed an air of arrogance.