Fix It

WE are going out to fix the garden

dormant ground for years

overgrown weed trees &

shrubs now tree tall

it is a miracle anything survived

in thick Texas soil

parched & cracked in summer’s

ninety degrees & climbing

our sweat pours out


dVerse prompt to write a quadrille with the word fix.

Fix It

Dawn & Dusk

The sky was flushed

with crimson light

lining the horizon

draws out emotions

from clouds

soon to turn dark

their departure

makes for hope

of blushing dawn

while holding on

to colors before twilight

two sides of dawn & dusk

one then the other


dVerse prompt to write a quadrille using the word flush.

Dawn & Dusk

Fill the Day

Fill the day

with discernment

new language

& the Spirit

create a spa

for the mind

& the skin


of the pores

& receptors

of the brain

take in the sun rays

& maniacal rains

stand under heavens

& weepingly smile

My God





deVerse quadrille on the word fill

Fill the Day