Dragon Lore

Dragon songs fill the air

audible only to dragon

too soon to tell what was heard

since being tethered in the atmosphere


to be cut loose that windy day

what flight

their songs fall below

let us know         how real

the dragons are

dVerse quadrille prompt on word dragon

Dragon Lore


I gave my sewing machines away. Now there is only cloth here; corduroy, tweeds, raw silks and purple satin. Someday the needle will rise and fall again, guiding thread into fabric, connecting pieces together with looping threads.

creating stitches 
holding tight this creation
magnificent cloth


dVerse quadrille prompt with the word rise and form of a haibun


Self Portrait in Constellation

Child sacrifice poor Andromeda tied

her mother watching in the distance

starry night hope to be saved

Cassiopeia bright thru my window

I am both daughter and mother

Daughter bound from ignorance

to monsters in the heavens

break free before the dawn

light comes


NaPoWriMo prompt to do a self portrait using historical or mythical character. This poem is a 44 word poem called a quadrille. It is about generational curse between mothers and daughters.

Self Portrait in Constellation


to the postal service

a zip is the zone

improvement plan


starts in Maine

to leaf buyers

a zip

is the gold

standard of cannabis


an ounce

no more no less

legal in Maine

to hold your two

and a half zips


dVerse quadrillé prompt on the word zip. I knew about zip codes but I didn’t know about the slang word meaning.