A yellowjacket is not a bee

it is aggressive

stings multiple times

eats meat and honey bees

My daughter stepped in a hive

we were walking in the woods

off trail when buzzing

erupted out of the ground

Run I yell

we all ran towards our house

I licked her three year old’s wounds

with baking soda and kind words

love that child with all her stings


Self Portrait in Constellation

Child sacrifice poor Andromeda tied

her mother watching in the distance

starry night hope to be saved

Cassiopeia bright thru my window

I am both daughter and mother

Daughter bound from ignorance

to monsters in the heavens

break free before the dawn

light comes


NaPoWriMo prompt to do a self portrait using historical or mythical character. This poem is a 44 word poem called a quadrille. It is about generational curse between mothers and daughters.

Self Portrait in Constellation

A Clearing

My daughter and her husband purchased five acres of land, lots of trees on it and a pond.  There is an old house there, three sheds about to fall over, two old boats that might still float, an aluminum travel trailer that hasn’t traveled since 1998, and lots of work.  She says she is feeling overwhelmed.

I remember when my husband and I were young and worked all day on weekends to clear land to build a house.  I tell her that I don’t know how we did it.  I can still clear brush and trim branches and find a yellow McCoy mouse cookie jar discarded in weeds.  She too will find her surprises.


old abandoned house

still remnants of who was here

earth cycle passes



dVerse haibun prompt on surprises – the big surprise was that the cookie jar wasn’t broken

A Clearing

Dear Kids,


This is just to let you know that I have arrived home after nine years of being away.

It is rather strange to be back but sometimes feels like I never really left.


Tonight a spotted owl was perched on the plum tree by the pond.  It sat looking

every which way for the longest time.  Owls can move their heads in the most

remarkable way.  It flew towards the window where I was looking out and went to

the roof top.  I decided to go out the front door and try to view it again.  It was

hunting in the trees and had the birds in a twitter.   I guess owls will take the babies

out of the nests and eat them.  I watched for awhile but don’t know if the owl was



Well, I am going to sleep now because I have to get up early and return the truck.

The trip was long but worth the journey.  I couldn’t have done it without your dad.

Too much wind and coming down out of the Blue Mountains was too steep for me.


Love from,

Your Mom



NaPoWriMo prompt – write a letter


Dear Kids,