Rise and Fall

Roman soldiers

conquest was what they knew

carried shovels and sword

dug deep roads

into Europe and Mideast

conquering as they go

pay your tax

we’ll leave you alone

if you rebel

we will annihilate



NaPoWriMo prompt on evil with some good in it

Rise and Fall

In A Dream

In a dream

No equilibrium

God’s writing table


I’m about to fall off

Hard to stand

Professionals say

Your world is about to change

Indeed your world is flat

Slide east to west

Get ready for the ride


NaPoWriMo prompt on dream interpretation

In A Dream

Kudzu Festival


a little satire comparing kudzu to racism




It’s called the front porch vine. It grows over everything and makes for comfort with its shade. Easy to propagate, just get the right tools. The roots are huge and spreading, deep-rooted and hard to pull out. Pretty much were rid of it, ten years may pass, and here it is again.


There are lots of uses for it. It can bring folks together like a festival, a klan or even a government. Folks use it for their own advantage and many like to profit from it. It can get stirred up into a tea. It is warm and feels good. Takes the craving off of everything else when drinking kudzu.

Kudzu Festival

Summer Road Trip

We left from Houston. Travelled fast to Albuquerque through one storm and a little traffic. My daughter drove most of the way but I got the storm. Hard to watch the clouds and drive, watch for a tornado to drop out of the dark sky. She told me not to worry. There would be no tornado today and Albuquerque came into view in the night. Next day we went with her friend to the Petroglyph Monument. We climbed through the rocks and the art chiseled on their surface.
Another storm came out of the Sandia Mountains whose first name was “where the water slides down”.

In the morning we left on old Route 66 and would not stop at Gallop. We ate fry bread in the Navajo Nation, I purchased a flute and heard its song when I walked outside. You can see for a hundred miles at the Painted Desert. Stood on the corner in Winslow, Arizona. Camped at White Horse Lake and it rained all night.

Two nights in Vegas and on to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. We arrived after the storm and ate by the fire that night. They say the Canyon makes its own weather. The next night we camped in Zion and it rained again. The morning was dry and we hiked the Emerald Pools. This land is what the Paiute called “the straight up land”. We had gone over three thousand miles including Zion to Salt Lake City, to Boise before the tire blow out forty miles from Seattle.

Traveling the road
in the long days of summer
find destination

dVerse journey haibun

Summer Road Trip