Remember the Day

My dad was on Okinawa when the atomic bomb hit Hiroshima.  He was a young sailor and rarely talked about his being there.  I never saw a photo taken there.  His wife was waiting in Iowa.  His children were future “boomers” after he came home.

In school I read about the war crimes.  About concentration camps and scientific experiments.  My short essay on “the mushroom cloud” over Hiroshima won a money prize.  Life went on for everyone except the ones who died.  

hear the winter wind

acid rain falling for days

folds night on the land

Remember the Day

Rise and Fall

Roman soldiers

conquest was what they knew

carried shovels and sword

dug deep roads

into Europe and Mideast

conquering as they go

pay your tax

we’ll leave you alone

if you rebel

we will annihilate



NaPoWriMo prompt on evil with some good in it

Rise and Fall

Kudzu Festival


a little satire comparing kudzu to racism




It’s called the front porch vine. It grows over everything and makes for comfort with its shade. Easy to propagate, just get the right tools. The roots are huge and spreading, deep-rooted and hard to pull out. Pretty much were rid of it, ten years may pass, and here it is again.


There are lots of uses for it. It can bring folks together like a festival, a klan or even a government. Folks use it for their own advantage and many like to profit from it. It can get stirred up into a drink. It is warm and feels good. Takes the craving off of everything else when drinking kudzu tea.

Kudzu Festival