Sea Winds

“Where can a blind man go who is pursued by bees?” Pablo Neruda

He knows not to go in the clover patch. He can smell its sweetness and cannot enter. His forgotten place he longs for— along the shore of the Mediterranean with wind moving in his hair.


dVerse prompt on questioning in poetry. Answering Neruda.

Sea Winds


Plumes of ash

hot rocks under foot

we climb up to Mt Etna

no earthquake today

the air quivers with sound

of explosions underground

vent and spew on your own time

change can come quickly

expect the expectable

in a world of the predictable


dVerse prompt to write a quadrille using the word quiver. Went to Mt Etna, an active volcano in Sicily.




Bell towers all chiming at the same time


terra cotta rooftops

Ionian Sea in the distance

chime of 12– pause then 1

it is 12:15 now

my children took a last walk

to the elephant square

and I am writing poetry about Catania

earthquakes and volcanoes

can’t stop her

she pulls the good from the destruction 

“Black City” where the bricks and tiles

are made from lava stone

everyone waits for the next big eruption

“Not today,” they say, “not today.”



I am in Ghana, searching for a mosquito which I have prepared to encounter. The yellow fever vaccine has prepared me against this fever which can be fatal. I take my malaria tabs everyday and still I have not seen a mosquito.

On my way up Prayer Mountain, I wear my insect repellent scarf and no mosquito comes to me. All my precautions come forth in the shower of my host family whose son has malaria. I swat that mosquito dead.

out in the jungle

tropical vegetation

yet no mosquito