These shoes cling hard to rock

No need to slip or fall

As steep steps take us up

At the top a view of Albuquerque 

Many selfies with friends

On the way down 

We have no need for hanging on 

Just balance step by step

dVerse prompt on shoes


Forest Fires

Smoke filled the valley coming into Idaho. Where there were mountains now you could not see mountains and dusk came early from the thick haze.  Bring some rain we pleaded in a circle dance, dancing all night while the flames shot forty feet into the dark sky.

Who can save us from this char-filled air, breathing in the remnants of fire hundreds of miles away over the Canadian border?   Last night it stormed all night in Zion.

Lightning strikes the earth

Twenty fires in Idaho

The state is burning


dVerse prompt on the imperfect

Forest Fires

Two Pileated Woodpeckers

Two pileated woodpeckers chip away on a dead fir.  Where I stand
it is raining bits and pieces of the old tree as long sharp beaks
hammer with precise repetition in the solitude of the forest.
These two with their red-crested heads continue the hard knocks and
go on to climb higher, the noise of beaks and feet and falling
wood chips still heard in the distance as I go on towards Gazzam Lake.

Two Pileated Woodpeckers

Still Life in Paris

We leave a few things behind

but take much away

Not material items

or memory of the best places to go


A red sunset along the Seine

that lights the buttresses

of the Notre Dame Cathedral

the walls turned crimson


Small boats pushed with long sticks

by boys at the fountain

Somber look of statues in the Louvre

seen only from the outside looking in


People wait by the glass pyramid

formations of people heavy buildings

flowing water brought together

in a still life in Paris

Still Life in Paris

Lunch at Montrichard


Cafe de Paris a quaint little space

under the shadow of the ruined fort

in Montrichard


moules and frites

in such a tasty creme

of onion and garlic


chives sprinkled over the sauce

which lies at the bottom of the bowl

salt and pepper too


sauce is trapped among the shells

some have fallen out and bathe

in the richness of this simple broth


served with baguette tre bien




Lunch at Montrichard