Springtime Mating

There is a horny robin

banging into the reflection of itself

against the glass window he thinks he found a mate

it is cold and hard

repelling his every move

yet he keeps coming back

handsome with his orange breast

sits at the top of the apple tree

contemplating his new approach

and mumbling

that feathered bitch

Springtime Mating

On Navajo Bridge

Two California Condor on the ledge

young ones with faces to the cliff

it was a cold night

after warming up they will fly

if you hear the wings pound

watch them soar


Saw these condor when walking the Navajo Bridge

On Navajo Bridge

White Pelican

The first white pelican I saw was in Florida.  My husband and I were driving past a pond and there it was resting on the water.  I shout white pelican, white pelican.  (We were sometimes birders.). Go around the block.  He won’t do it.  He keeps going.  There is only so much pain I can wear on my face.  I kept it there for days.

Now in Texas he says – did I tell you there were white pelicans on the lake yesterday?  White pelican, white pelican.  We walk to the lake seeing them from a distance.  We keep walking to the shore and there they are, about a hundred more.

find white pelican

migration flight in winter

wipes the pain away

White Pelican


Sound of a bird call

Wakes me up

Come let’s go and see




NaPoWriMo prompt – write a lune on day one – http://www.napowrimo.net/

Written on April 1, 2016 in a different time zone and yes this really happened.

I was asleep in a tent in Cathedral Park in Canada and the call of a loon woke me up.

I got out of my warm sleeping bag and went to the lake to see.  Such a beautiful bird.