Hard Shell

hard shell

reveals a treasure

of many species

off in the distance

a misty presence

waiting to lift


NaPoWriMo prompt to ask questions based on prescribed words and write a poem from the answersโ€”

What is a quahog?

A hardened shell

What is an oyster?

A holder of treasure

What is seaweed?

A cover for many soecies

What is longing?

A place in the distance

What is elusive?

A misty presence

What is fog?

A curtain waiting to lift

Hard Shell

Beach Hikes

Beach hikes are the best because there is no elevation. I can walk for miles, barefooted, sand between my toes and shells strewn along the way. Waves repeating melody cancels the cares of the world, healing power of sound and saltwater.

Except in some beaches of Portugal where the hike to the small beach among rugged cliffs is near impossible. A road leads down, the surf pounds and beware of being pulled under.

In Crete the road winds along sharp curves, narrow, sometimes one lane, for miles going down until finally, there is an expanse of beach, pink sand and clear water.

in any season

this offering to the land

brought by the sea

Beach Hikes

Fish in Jamestown Harbor

There are fish in the water so the fishermen put out their boats, night and day. The nets bring a haul, both large and small, and when the boat is full, it is pulled ashore and the fish are released onto land in baskets and buckets. Some are smoked right on the beach, while others are spiced and fried. Who knows where the rest of the fish go.

The Jamestown Fishing Harbor Project has began with the demolition of existing structures at the site of the Chinese funded $60 million Jamestown Fishing Harbor Complex. There will be dredging of 118,000 cubic meters in the harbor basin and shipping channels; construction of hydraulic structures, seawall, a breakwater, and supporting facilities including a fish market and a processing area. Who knows where the rest of the people will go.


dVerse prompt on boat. On May 21, 2020, the demolition of over 400 temporary and permanent structures occurred at Jamestown fishing community. Is this neocolonialism or a move to benefit the Ghanaian people?

Photo taken in Jamestown in September 2019.

Fish in Jamestown Harbor



Crete in late October

stay at the Domes Noruz

beach resort in Chania

a feast at breakfast 

rental car required 

to visit Elafonisi

most beautiful pink beach

follow winding road

through countryside

visit a monastery 

hike Imbros Gorge

so much to do

on an island

or do nothing



dVerse prompt on travel.  Hoping for the day I can return to Crete.