Geocaching I haven’t tried. It uses geo positioning to find hidden treasure. Once you have found a hidden treasure, you leave a record of your find, take a souvenir and leave something in exchange. Sounds simple enough and must be fun and another outdoor activity.

Enter the concept of wordcaching. It sounds like fun and another April poetry writing adventure. Here is how it will work:

Write a poem (less than 100 words). Tag the poem with wordcaching. Starting April 1 search on WordPress for wordcaching. Take one word from someone’s poem and leave them a word to replace it. Leave a comment such as I am taking _______ and leaving _______. The word taken must be removed by the author and the new word put in its place.

With the word you take from other peoples’ poem make a new poem and tag with wordcaching.

This continues until April 30 and at that point all poems are considered finished. With all poems tagged wordcaching this should create a list of all the cached poems.

Sound like fun. Let’s see if it works.



she loved her eggs

over easy



seafood eggs benedict

remembering how delicious

it was last holiday

at the Lighthouse Cafe

the simple egg

dropped into hot butter

another next to it

this time it’s sunny side up

here’s to loving you eggs


dVerse quadrillé prompt on egg


I Poet

Rowena Collins, my first and second grade teacher, loved her class so much that she moved up a grade at the Westside Elementary School. Miss Collins loved us and poetry. She read poems out loud and sent poems home in scrapbooks we made throughout the school year. In that scrapbook is my first poem ever pencilled in rhyme on wide lined newsprint paper.

Fast forward fifteen years, I started my first poetry journal. Studied in earnest eight years later. I was seeking deeper reflection on life, love and nature. Workshopped with such masters as Robert Bly, Stanley Kunitz and Thomas McGrath.

who can write the moon

how it shines in winter sky

I’ll give it a try


dVerse prompt on why I write poetry tho I seldom ever rhyme

Currently on a road trip and writing on cell phone

I Poet

Bird Watching

a cardinal

fire red

sings from the tree

medley of song

goes from branch

to branch

reveals his beauty

in color


there she is

shades of green

shimmer in sunlight

thick red beak

golden eyes

quiet in the brush

heard his lovely call


dVerse quadrillé with “fire”

On the road again going through Texas

Bird Watching