Self Portrait in Constellation

Child sacrifice poor Andromeda tied

her mother watching in the distance

starry night hope to be saved

Cassiopeia bright thru my window

I am both daughter and mother

Daughter bound from ignorance

to monsters in the heavens

break free before the dawn

light comes


NaPoWriMo prompt to do a self portrait using historical or mythical character. This poem is a 44 word poem called a quadrille. It is about generational curse between mothers and daughters.

Self Portrait in Constellation


Geocaching I haven’t tried. It uses geo positioning to find hidden treasure. Once you have found a hidden treasure, you leave a record of your find, take a souvenir and leave something in exchange. Sounds simple enough and must be fun and another outdoor activity.

Enter the concept of wordcaching. It sounds like fun and another April poetry writing adventure. Here is how it will work:

Write a poem (less than 100 words). Tag the poem with wordcaching. Starting April 1 search on WordPress for wordcaching. Take one word from someone’s poem and leave them a word to replace it. Leave a comment such as I am taking _______ and leaving _______. The word taken must be removed by the author and the new word put in its place.

With the word you take from other peoples’ poem make a new poem and tag with wordcaching.

This continues until April 30 and at that point all poems are considered finished. With all poems tagged wordcaching this should create a list of all the cached poems.

Sound like fun. Let’s see if it works.


Desert Camp

outside of Tuscan we set up camp

drove the stakes in hard

before a panoramic hardcore sunset

that went unphotographed


in the cold night

a hemisphere revealed her lights

I studied constellations

as wisps of clouds formed


I woke to distant thunder

no rainfly on the tent

one drop of rain

forced me out


the storm couldn’t wait

horizontal lightning flashed

across the sands and cactus

tent fly sparked at my fingertips


finally save and dry under a pounding rain

NaPoWriMo Day 5 nature experience

“a wild night”  Mary Oliver

Desert Camp


Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 9.19.10 AM

We were light and dark in the sun of Africa.  Even on a cloudy safari
the zebras stood posed on the savannah. In the distance the baby elephant
ran with its mother. Hidden in the grass a baby rhino. A mother and child
traveling on a mission in South Africa.

At some point they will part. The child will return to Africa a woman.
The zebras will continue to graze and outrun the predators. The song of
praise will continue to rise on a level of global understanding.

Shadow of the zebra
cast forever
on the plains of Africa

dverse prompt on shadow