At the Checkout Stand

I masked up and went to the grocery store.  It had been three months of home delivery.  Now I was on my own.  I went early and social distanced most of the time.

There was lots of produce and salad dressings.   Flour,  not so much.  Yeast, no way, but still hopeful.  There was bleach and a few hand soaps.  Alcohol on the bottom shelf, way in the back.  You had to bend over to see it.  Plenty of eggs and cheese and milk.  A few boxes left with Aunt Jemima still pictured with perfect pancakes.

The checkout clerk wore a mask and asked me if I had found everything I needed.  I hesitated; she waited for the answer.  “Do you think we will ever have yeast again?”          I asked through my mask.  She thought I said, “Do you think we will ever have peace again?” She replied and finished with “only if people will do the right thing.”

trust the food supply

find more even in a siege

in summer we feast



dVerse haibun prompt on a shining moment



At the Checkout Stand



Crete in late October

stay at the Domes Noruz

beach resort in Chania

a feast at breakfast 

rental car required 

to visit Elafonisi

most beautiful pink beach

follow winding road

through countryside

visit a monastery 

hike Imbros Gorge

so much to do

on an island

or do nothing



dVerse prompt on travel.  Hoping for the day I can return to Crete.




A flower of ancient ceremony

Mesopotamia    Egypt   Greece

carved  in  stone  on  columns

hammered into golden jewels

to  represent   the  wild  roses

celebration            rites  of  life

& death




NaPoWriMo prompt on the meaning of a flower.

The rosette has been seen throughout antiquity in

many cultures across the world.



Mixed Travel

Sign reads

life-sustaining waters

nobody moved an inch

going day by day


dangling on clouds

voices that echoed

a memory of singing


I know this dream is about death

remember the fig tree that did not bear fruit

destination just too far away

air was so fresh

along the shore of the Mediterranean

digging into the ground at Mt Etna

thieves working

hot rocks under foot


Everyone waits for the next big eruption

remember the day

dance with the children

oil on canvas

sound of a thousand bees

fresh eyes of many fish

world of confounded language

Orion fading


So smooth

tropical vegetation

people begin to rumble

anchored by stones

when you return

each step a prayer

a rainbow over Kumawu

as we travel on


With signs

no time for chicken

so we don’t forget

when the sky is clearer

our daily bread

cool breeze

who has the right of way

like cowry shells


Languages come together

you could be anywhere

bananas from Ecuador

no one goes away hungry

birds make a melody

flying into day

even when still




NaPoWriMo prompt with my own personal twist.  Took a line from many of my travel poems and created this mixed travel poem.




Mixed Travel

Sex in the Time of Covid-19


Redacted from an article in the New York Times–  Corona Virus and Sex by Jen Gunter


Use your HSP

(household sex partner)

unless they are having symptoms

be celibate if you don’t have HSP

do not take on a covid fuck buddy

the risk is too high

you can still use your sex toys

but only with yourself

if you need to order your sex toy

ask yourself is it really essential


In the future will we even want to have sex?



NaPoWriMo prompt on writing a poem from a news article

Sex in the Time of Covid-19

Women on Horses

In a dream, there are horses and women are riding them. The horses are huge like none I have ever seen before. (They are like the elephant is to the mahout.). They are coming forward. The riders look so small and the horses are so large. They are not running. They are not trotting. They are stepping, coming boldly with strength and power. I can still see them in my dream. My analytical mind takes me out of the dream and I think of what I was taught by culture, by history. The woman must be on her high horse. Knock the woman off of her high horse. Woman, do not listen to that. That is not the voice of God. The women are coming on their horses.


NaPoWriMo to write about a dream.  This dream was so visual I can still see it.

Women on Horses

In My Home Office

In my home office

a demanding task

never time for a cover-up

as I sit near my coffee cup


upright at my standing desk

there’s no time to letup

have at least 3 computer screens

as I work during this quarantine


just do a personal checkup

in a fit of hygiene

sterilize my triple keyboard

this practice not to be ignored


getting tired but must reconvene

keep it real not overboard

here on my wall the world map

putting together my word wrap


there is so much unexplored

new words for my legal rap

surrounded by photographs

always helps with my paragraphs


piles of paper on my lap

hope right now I don’t collapse

mail ordered a rocker board

never enough java stored


thinking of days with giraffes

praying to God I don’t get bored

now it’s time to light the lamp

end the day with writer’s cramp


night sets sail— come aboard

tackle this case like a champ

excuse me for I hear the printer

thankful to be the breadwinner


someday I’ll be out of home camp

anyday or perhaps midwinter

meanwhile I must be cautious

taking care to not feel nauseous



imagining a lobster dinner

stuck here in my home office

looking so statuesque

this is my manifest

In My Home Office