Wet Feet

Dad would take me to the island park

Fairbank Iowa

across the swinging bridge

“Don’t get your feet wet”

but I would slip right in the Wapsie River

cool water in my shoes

didn’t heed the warning

went home with sand between my toes

Wet Feet

Dog Show

Dog Show

Anteaters and/or Gossips

Anteaters have worm tongue

long and fast

150 movements per minute

Anteaters have lips but no teeth

Sometimes called ant bears

cuz anteaters have long fur for protection

Anteaters dig with powerful arms

into a hill of ants

where the smell brought anteaters

to feed quickly with their tongue

before the ants fight back

Anteaters have a gizzard

where the insects are ground

with sand and dirt

in this

convergent evolution


Gossips have worm tongue

long and fast

150 movements per minute

Gossips have lips but no teeth

Sometimes called gossip bears

cuz gossips have long fur for protection

Gossips dig with powerful arms

into a hill of gossip

where the smell brought gossips

to feed quickly with their tongue

before there is fight back

Gossips have a gizzard

where the gossip is ground

with sand and dirt


NaPoWriMo prompt to write about an animal and then change the name of the animal to a different word. I thought gossip would be interesting.

Anteaters and/or Gossips



Imagine the human race
without borders

or labels

living for today

Imagine all the people

without discrimination 

of coloration 

it’s easy if you try


NaPoWriMo Day 10 prompt on a favorite song combined with item in a drawer.  I was in the car so I used a survey I had just finished.  No kidding, this was just the end of a long list on ethnic groups and then the word white.  Combined this survey experience with John Lennon’s Imagine.




Although I am gone I see you there

so nice how you gathered flowers while I

(below in my coffin)

smiled the mortician’s smile

and watched as each of you

placed a rose upon the lid

before I was lowered into the earth

Now I would rather be placed

in a tree pod

my decomposition 

feeding a fig tree

(remember the one 

on the south side of the house)

you can eat my figs

There is sorrow in that

I would have to die twice


NaPoWriMo Day 8 — writing from the POV of a dead person.  Photo of an ancient burial urn taken at Muséo Archeologico Regionale Paolo Orsi in Syracuse, Sicily


easter with e.e.cummings


easter with e.e.cummings

far from mystery of glowing

mystery find real peace in it

He has (believe it) risen

near to the sacred heart see true

heart to find a pure love in it

(believe it) He has risen

above a doubtful world made whole

world struggle find God truth in it

He has risen (believe it

beneath all try to understand

to understand and understand 

I) believe it (have risen)


NaPoWriMo Day 5 prompt to take a poem and use the structure of that poem to make a new poem.  I always thought e.e. cummings as being structureless; however, this poem I chose was tightly structured.  I learned a lot from this exercise. 

easter with e.e.cummings


Will men understand the mysterious language of those tears?                                                              Pope Pius XII October 17, 1954

I went there

Basilica Santuario Madonna Delle Lacrime 

Siracusa, Sicily

Weeping Madonna

housed in the architecture of a tear

I took a photo there

ignorant of its meaning

until now

when asked to fill a space with poetry

and now

I want to know the meaning of those tears

Does she weep for His suffering

or for the plight of a humanity

trying to return to God?


NaPoWriMo Day 4 prompt.  I took my own photo of the Basilica Santuario Madonna Delle Lacrime in October 2019, not knowing that it was home of the weeping Madonna.  


Rainforest Haiku


rain rustles the fern

licks and twists it into green

subdues fire with wet

trickle of water

soft fur of the forest floor

sharp damp protection 

kiss of trillium 

white feather-like bud released

star of the lost cloud


NaPoWriMo Day 3 prompt to create a word list based on Michael McClure’s Personal Universal Deck of 100 words.  Create a poem using some of these words.

Rainforest Haiku