My Daughter Remembers

My mother gave me Grapenuts

while other kids got Frootloops

those artificially-colored

little donut shaped

sugar puffed




with a toucan

singing commercials

guiding me through the taste

smells and sight of delicious like

candy breakfast nutrition created

to make me want more and more

dVerse prompt— a fruitloop (sp) daydream

My Daughter Remembers

Hard Shell

hard shell

reveals a treasure

of many species

off in the distance

a misty presence

waiting to lift


NaPoWriMo prompt to ask questions based on prescribed words and write a poem from the answers—

What is a quahog?

A hardened shell

What is an oyster?

A holder of treasure

What is seaweed?

A cover for many soecies

What is longing?

A place in the distance

What is elusive?

A misty presence

What is fog?

A curtain waiting to lift

Hard Shell

Sleeping In

I have forgotten what breakfast tastes like. Although it is known as the most important meal of the day, I sleep through it. No smells of bacon and coffee brewed. It is winter and I am asleep in my bed. Outside the plants do the same. They are not yet ready to be uncovered.

deep roots in soil

keep life suspended in time

waiting for new warmth


dVerse prompt for a winter haibun

Sleeping In