Learning Guitar 

Press strings on fret

hold tight

strum or pluck

find a rhythm


Slide to another

hold tight

chord of C7

fingers aching


Dreams of Joni and Joan

sounds of voice and string

oh to be like them


Never too late

for a new song


dVerse quadrille using the word fret

Learning Guitar 

Stoop and Conquer

In spring and summer most of my time is used in the garden

at times I think I have too much garden


Picking and plucking along the ground

weeds are like words in my garden


Time to share with hummingbirds and bees

who bury themselves in plants of the garden


Slugs don’t stand a chance if they climb through my fence

I will murder them if they enter green garden


I could buy a bag of peppers from the grocery store

would rather I harvest from plants in the garden


Joy of seeing a chipmunk or black-capped chickadee

as they pick out seeds from the garden


Now I know why my beans didn’t grow

because of that mole in my garden



dVerse prompt to write a ghazal

Stoop and Conquer

Greenmarket Square


In Cape Town I am looking for beads, big brass cage beads 

let there be some at Greenmarket Square

where the sellers sell to tourists every day

don’t forget to barter, bring down the price

colors are plentiful and makes it hard to decide
I finally find what I am looking for

it is really big and it is already strung unto a necklace 

I buy that one and a string of yellow beads

It is time to go

everything packed and carried away 


dVerse prompt on market – this was my market experience in South Africa

Greenmarket Square

I Saw My Mother Dying

I saw my mother dying

Can recognize when someone is about to give up life

“That’s life” an old woman says at the library when the copy machine won’t copy

“That’s death” I say to myself

in between is limbo

Her strong bones frail now

meds keep her under

she wants more

skin pocked with injections

she doesn’t want to know me

what’s the point

she is dying

it can happen to anyone

at anytime

you don’t have to be old to die

I Saw My Mother Dying