I am being sniffed

My dog wakes

paws over me

I am being sniffed


of sleep and dreams

I am being sniffed

from what lingers

of last night’s dinner

I am being sniffed

of garden smells

still in my hair

I am being sniffed

to say

wake up

time to go outside


NaPoWriMo Day 22 prompt to write a repetition poem

I am being sniffed

My Dog at the Church Picnic

I am one of those people

who take their dog anywhere they can

especially to an outdoor venue—

Easter Sunday to a church picnic

on a beautiful sunny day

and all is well

until the pastor’s dog

meets my dog

and all hell breaks loose

(cuz my dog doesn’t like other dogs)

and my dog looks like the biggest sinner

snarling at the cute little white puff ball

the pastor’s dog so calm and composed

my dog lunging on his leash

head low to the ground

more snarls and lunges

sudden forward thrust of his body

paws extended outward to attack

serene picnic eating interrupted

all eyes on the snarly sinner

when I pull him back

tell him what a bad dog he was

no treat or reward for this behavior

then I forgive him his sin


NaPoWriMo Day 17 prompt to write about a dog.

My Dog at the Church Picnic