In Mother’s Room

I am in my mother’s room. It was the kitchen. Here she was the boss. The pots and pans were hers, the dishes, all the ingredients that fed the family. She kept us together with her mashed potatoes, green beans and meat loaf.

She nourished us with sweets made each Sunday. She poured the cereal of life into us each morning and sometimes when it was 20 below zero outside, she called from the kitchen, “Jane, French toast is ready.”


dVerse prompt to write from a first line of a novel. I used Samuel Beckett’s “I am in my mother’s room.”

In Mother’s Room

Memory of Paper Airplanes

I folded and creased the paper

to make a fuselage

long and slender

overlapped side wings

perfect aerodynamics

hoping it would stay aloft

that it would be lifted

by a current of air

and fly forward

tailwind taking it even further

before the crash


dVerse prompt to write a quadrille using the word paper

Memory of Paper Airplanes

A Strange Wild Song

A strange wild song


the voice of the lobster

the walrus and the carpenter

the three voices

a strange wild song


dVerse prompt to take poem titles of Lewis Carroll and create a new poem. Each line here is from a title. I think I will write more about this wild song of the lobster, the walrus and the carpenter, maybe tonight.

A Strange Wild Song