Taking the prompt to write


verb – (of an event or fact) cause or bring about (an action or feeling)

noun – an act of assisting or encouraging

adjective – done without delay


a word that can be all three (and maybe more)


adverb – immediate spontaneous doing

It is time for prompt writing.

He promptly signed the executive order.



origins and history of prompt

Middle English Medieval Latin  1300-1350

promptare – to incite

verb mid 1400s – to bring forth

noun early 1500 – readiness

adjective early 1500 – brought forth

from the Online Etymology Dictionary

Modern Language Association

“prompt”. Online Etymology Dictionary. Douglas Harper, Historian. 27 Jan. 2017. <;.





Low Tide

Sanibel Island low tide before sunrise

still night sky waning crescent moon

so many stars in the blackness

it is hard to look down from this


did I come to search for shells or

hear the gentle lapping of the water

after the storm of last night or

marvel in the quiet of the air


a few others with their lights

shining down among the sand and shells

are searching in the low tide pool

small beacons along the beach


this moment when God said look at the sand

then God said see the stars

Low Tide