Cockle Shell

“………silver bells and cockle shells”

picked up on the beach

such an ordinary shell

broken to pieces

or sometimes whole

colors from browns to gray

ribbed on the outside

their wholeness is

a secret compartment

that holds heart flesh

til split in two and drifts

to you

Cockle Shell

Shell and Bone

Walk between the tide lines

Tracks haphazard then straight

run for miles northwest

into the windscape of dawn

Be the first to leave a mark

Find shell and bone

These fragments

left on the beach

will in time



Shell and Bone

Night Shelling

Under a super moon

Even the tides were on our side

Going out with the starlit

Moonlight change to dawn

Crunch return path

Under the belt of Orion

Trees that have always marked the way

Look different now

Their silhouette on the horizon




dVverse quadrille prompt to use the word crunch – the sound of feet crunching the shells on a beach walk

Night Shelling

Low Tide

Sanibel Island low tide before sunrise

still night sky waning crescent moon

so many stars in the blackness

it is hard to look down from this


did I come to search for shells or

hear the gentle lapping of the water

after the storm of last night or

marvel in the quiet of the air


a few others with their lights

shining down among the sand and shells

are searching in the low tide pool

small beacons along the beach


this moment when God said look at the sand

then God said see the stars

Low Tide