Dialogue Inside My Husband’s Head

Someone needs to mow the grass.

Who could that someone be?

Is it me?

We need to plant the garden.

Who is we?

It must be me.

Dialogue Inside My Husband’s Head

Sonnet for Modern Day Current Event

            Jan 19, 2019 at Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool




Black Hebrew Israelites on the mall

speak loud in zealous religious tenor

hear the old testament not throw it away

raise their voice louder on a winter day



Covington High School students respond

while standing on the steps of Lincoln Hall

break the tension with a school sports cheer

with a smile a shout or was it a sneer



Indigenous elder beats on his drum

approaches the youth with his movement song

God the Creator will answer my call

media or a troll will send it to all



And in that moment was on display

freedom to assemble speak out and pray



Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool is the site of many historic events –

Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech Aug 28.1963 Civil Rights Rally

Vietnam War Protest Oct 21. 1967

March on Washington for Lesbian, Gay and BI Equal Rights Oct 11, 1987

Million Man March Oct 16,1995

Iraq War Protest Oct 26,2002

Women’s March   Jan 19.2019


dVerse prompt to write a sonnet

Sonnet for Modern Day Current Event

Presidential Tweets

It is hard to think

a président would tweet

Google yes

or 20 million friends

Facebooked to buy a hat

but tweets they just won’t do


President Trump is that really u?


i would rather

u would Instagram

putting on  your shoe

sitting calmly at your desk

weeding out  fake news

securely served so can’t be hacked

text a poem to Syria and Iraq

a Mid Eastern bop

send solutions not missiles


President Trump is that really u?


is there a phone to call the heads of state

a big red button u can push or is all that fake

is the “military industrial complex” real

which no one has control

don’t forget philanthropy

and Snapchat as u go


President Trump is that really u?


NaPoWriMo prompt – write a Bop

Presidential Tweets