Fix It

WE are going out to fix the garden

dormant ground for years

overgrown weed trees &

shrubs now tree tall

it is a miracle anything survived

in thick Texas soil

parched & cracked in summer’s

ninety degrees & climbing

our sweat pours out


dVerse prompt to write a quadrille with the word fix.

Fix It

Picking Cotton

MEMORIES of cotton picking days

picked along with men and women

all over the South

people of all colors

fourteen footer dragged behind

filled with cotton

picked from each boll

start when you’re old enough

to hold a sack

sang in harmony

as we picked

infant scooting behind

too small to pick

“cotton on the roadside

cotton in the ditch

we all picked cotton

but we never got rich”


photo from SMU Degolyer Library

Picking Cotton