King Saul and the Witch

an elegy for Saul

After the death of the prophet Samuel


(abandoned by God)

no visions in prophesy or dream

the kingdom snatched from his hand

with the Philistines about to attack

Saul went to the witch of Endor anyway

surely you are Saul who has come to kill me said the witch who recognized him even in disguise (it is hard to fool a witch)

Saul swore to his God (who had abandoned him) he would not kill the witch

She conjured the spirit of prophesy

raised Samuel out of the grave

sent the king into battle knowing of his death

and that of his son

all that remained to him

was death

King Saul and the Witch


Dreadful corpses

Cease breath and flesh

No miracles today

Just anger


Dead bones

People pass all day

And wander

Day 13 prompt from Toads and a news flash of strike on Syria ten minutes ago


Moonlight Path

There was a time I walked away from a disagreeable circumstance. I walked into a cold night, dressed for winter with boots on, leather jacket, long hair covered with a hat.

Not sure of the way home, I only knew that north would take me to the main road and then west would take me home. I walked miles under an unnamed moon.

I remember the crisp air, blue of the snow, ice crunching under my boots and how the light fell against the snowbound trees. I felt lost while finding my way home.

Blue freeze of winter

Beauty penetrates the night

Leads a path to home

Moonlight Path

Fear of Falling

fear of falling

makes me lose balance

don’t look down

fear of falling tells me

don’t look down or

you will fall down

fear of falling says

you will lose

your equilibrium

fear of falling

wants me to fall

to make it right

fear of falling

knows that when I fall

I lose control

fear of falling

wants to control me

making me fall

fear of falling

changes to failing

it is the same fear


Fear of Falling