King Saul and the Witch

an elegy for Saul

After the death of the prophet Samuel


(abandoned by God)

no visions in prophesy or dream

the kingdom snatched from his hand

with the Philistines about to attack

Saul went to the witch of Endor anyway

surely you are Saul who has come to kill me said the witch who recognized him even in disguise (it is hard to fool a witch)

Saul swore to his God (who had abandoned him) he would not kill the witch

She conjured the spirit of prophesy

raised Samuel out of the grave

sent the king into battle knowing of his death

and that of his son

all that remained to him

was death

King Saul and the Witch

His Will

The will of God comes in seasons

for His purpose not my own

I am not the picture His picture

My selfie is nothing

against a backdrop of the beauty

in creation His creation

His new day

His way

His will be done


dVerse prompt on Ecclesiastes 3

Photo by me in the Grand Canyon, one of God’s greatest creations

His Will

Clear the Clutter


How did it get this way?

Decades and decades of accumulation

Yet there is assemblance of order


Piles of journals hand written

The books   volumes of books

Religious topics   art   literature


I told you this would cause discourse in the world


Clothes mostly cotton hardly worn

Even God killed an animal (first death in Bible)

To cover Adam and Eve

Then Cain killed Abel


I told you there is blood on the cotton


Fill some boxes big boxes

With projects incomplete

Or interrupted unrealized

Hoped for


I told you the rest let go

Clear the Clutter

Speak Now

. . . . . . exploring Psalm 34:8


All night a deep sleep

Some call this near death



Feel the breath

Hear birds alarms wind

The mind returning


Feel the glorious aches and pains

Smell the burnt lentils

Still in the air from yesterday

“Taste and see that the Lord is good.”


Now speak

Speak Now