Dreadful corpses

Cease breath and flesh

No miracles today

Just anger


Dead bones

People pass all day

And wander

Day 13 prompt from Toads and a news flash of strike on Syria ten minutes ago


Song of the Quail

the quail on the rock

is my song

sun on the lizard’s back

bighorn sheep

that never appeared on the crag

are my song

it is enough to know they are there

hidden high in the nursery sites

desert erosion washes away

my song

exposes new terrain

a precious stone

an ancient artifact

then the quail sing again

their song


Toads prompt on discovering the song of your poeting e.g. Whitman’s Song of Myself

Song of the Quail

Morning Before Coffee

Today we juiced instead of coffee

invigorating ginger shots and beet juice

combinations of lime and carrots

snapchat your birthday morning juice bar celebration

of aging up and passing the bar

your youth my recompense


Now you have to go and I am

looking out the window

onto a morning before coffee


a Toads prompt from day 30 of writing a poem a day

this was instapoetry based on a photo of looking out the window


Morning Before Coffee