Road Rage

On Houston freeway about 3:10

Traffic is moving on right and on left

Someone swerves over and cuts me off

beep – beep         beep – beep – beep


I must keep going to places I know

There is need for a lane change   No

Speeding up on my rear regardless of blinker

Beep – Beep        Beep – Beep – Beep


Now 35 in a 60 is incredibly slow

Are you texting while talking and eating a roll?

This can’t be the fast lane when behind this guy

beep – beep        beep – Beep – BEEP


Out in the distance I see traffic slow

There is a long back up to exit 59

People are cutting in and making everyone go



NaPoWriMo prompt a chorus of honks


Road Rage

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