On Carmel Point

To My Dear Robinson Jeffers,

When the fog rolls and the horn sounds

I will think of the stones you carried

up the hill on Carmel Point

to set a foundation for Tor House

You kept going higher and higher

until you met the hawk

the world expanding around you

your small window with a view of the Pacific

I want life and death to come as naturally

I want to thank you for placing stone

upon stone in such a way it formed

narrow pathway to the highest point


Yes, my dear,

“Against the outcrop boulders of a

raised beach

We built our house when I and my

love were young.

Here long ago . . .

. . . all that we saw or heard

was beautiful.” Robinson Jeffers


NaPoWriMo prompt on letter to a favorite historical figure and response by that person. One of my favorite poets. I visited his house and Tor House in Carmel one day while road tripping. Original take on this experience written in 2016.

On Carmel Point

Dear Kids,


This is just to let you know that I have arrived home after nine years of being away.

It is rather strange to be back but sometimes feels like I never really left.


Tonight a spotted owl was perched on the plum tree by the pond.  It sat looking

every which way for the longest time.  Owls can move their heads in the most

remarkable way.  It flew towards the window where I was looking out and went to

the roof top.  I decided to go out the front door and try to view it again.  It was

hunting in the trees and had the birds in a twitter.   I guess owls will take the babies

out of the nests and eat them.  I watched for awhile but don’t know if the owl was



Well, I am going to sleep now because I have to get up early and return the truck.

The trip was long but worth the journey.  I couldn’t have done it without your dad.

Too much wind and coming down out of the Blue Mountains was too steep for me.


Love from,

Your Mom



NaPoWriMo prompt – write a letter


Dear Kids,