I got on a nonstop to Dubai. Emirates has the best looking stewardesses. The first ones I ever saw were in Johannesburg, South Africa. Two were walking through the Fire and Ice Hotel lobby. I thought they were models. Their outfit was tailored in beige and red, a small red pill box style hat and a white scarf draping down past their shoulder then up the other side around the neck. The red lipstick threw me back to the fifties and sixties when even United Airlines, Pan American and others had great uniforms and meals. Those days are gone and so is a part of the day I lost traveling to the Middle East, UAE. I left Houston at 7:50 pm and arrived Dubai at 7:40 pm the next day. That’s about 24 hours but the flight was only 14 hours. While I was in the air I lost ten hours. When I return to Houston I will get it back. If I just kept flying west would I constantly gain time? Would I never age?  Is time relative?

flying into day

sunrise over England’s shore

nighttime in Dubai

Going northeast to go east, over Nova Scotia, Goose Bay, Edinburgh, and finally the Persian Gulf.


Salad & Song

Golden pea pods are on the vine, easy to see against the green.  Patches of spinach, arugula, kale, chard and beet greens.  Let’s go make a salad.  Add scallions, fresh herbs- parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme.  Now I am in a song.

Be patient tending tomato, cucumber and pepper plants.  Someday they too will join in the salad.

wake from day to day

pray for more sun and some rain

we eat from the bowl

Salad & Song


I gave my sewing machines away. Now there is only cloth here; corduroy, tweeds, raw silks and purple satin. Someday the needle will rise and fall again, guiding thread into fabric, connecting pieces together with looping threads.

creating stitches 
holding tight this creation
magnificent cloth


dVerse quadrille prompt with the word rise and form of a haibun


Pranked by History

History is no joke. It is a record of what is happening, happened or didn’t happen.  “Fake News” becomes history.  A current event is history tomorrow.  History is ancient or recent.  Ninevah was a real city buried in sand, with a real gate, resurrected and bombed.  

History is a joke when used to advance an agenda.  My fifth grade textbook world history teacher could never get to the chapter on the Middle East.  I would read ahead.  Daydream of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.  I wanted to dig deeper to see what was under the sand.

mind craves for meaning

ammunition for profit

know who benefits


dVerse prompt – haibun on April Fools Day – being pranked 

Pranked by History

Weather Madness

In March we make our move out of the state of Texas. Head southwest towards the border, a northerly keeps us cold and provides a tail wind. I want to see the border for myself. I want to eat tamales and count butterflies along the Rio Grande.

Tomorrow we will go on towards Davis Mountain and see the stars. If the temperatures rise, we will swim in a spring fed pool but it is March. The weather is unpredictable and we go day by day hoping for some sunshine.

freeze in South Texas

tornadoes in Alabam

flee to promised sun


dVerse prompt on March Madness

Weather Madness

Lake Pontchartrain

Sun was setting on Lake Pontchartrain so I hurried along the road where once a sugar cane plantation stood. Past trees hundreds of years old. I did not expect such solitude. Only a young pelican learning to dive close to shore broke the calm of the lake.

On the walk back I saw a white-headed woodpecker and three deer standing on the fringe of the marsh. The fading light surrounded everything.

rare winter bird calls

hidden in the long branches

to be discovered


dVerse prompt on solitude

Lake Pontchartrain