Fruits and Vegetables

Kenya sugar snap peas

leeks and cucumber Holland

Tesco radish and asparagus mushrooms from China

baby corn and red chili Thailand broccoli from Spain

local lettuce

baby carrots from USA

Haricot vert from Italy

India okra

bananas from Ecuador clementines from South Africa Australia mandarins

Pakistan and Egyptian mangoes New Zealand apples

green apples from France

local beets

seedless lime from Vietnam eggplant from GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council)

Morocco provides tomato


supermarket in Dubai

Fruits and Vegetables

Salad & Song

Golden pea pods are on the vine, easy to see against the green.  Patches of spinach, arugula, kale, chard and beet greens.  Let’s go make a salad.  Add scallions, fresh herbs- parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme.  Now I am in a song.

Be patient tending tomato, cucumber and pepper plants.  Someday they too will join in the salad.

wake from day to day

pray for more sun and some rain

we eat from the bowl

Salad & Song


Fern Garden

swords pointing upright soft fronds curling

out of the ground

turn hard sharp then bend

bird’s nest

ruffled and feathered

soft under the rhododendron

Water Garden

wet with salamanders and frogs

hiding in the lily pads

bog bean taking over

hard slate waterfall 

needs watercress between cracks

or flow again the dry creek bed

Vegetable Garden

wintered over the arugula and beets

one chard plant survived the snow

time to plant more greens some peas

these beds are ready from last fall’s harvest

now sun is warming their cold soil

plant the radish and watch it grow

Flower Garden

primroses always the first to show

nursery bed with more hellebore 

cut back the fuchsia before it blooms

hummingbirds bumblebees search branches

lavender iris lilies galore

plant more hyacinth let its fragrance flow

Who can work these gardens?

Feel the earth between tired hands?

Feed the roots and make them flower?


So Many Tomatoes


Large Red Tomato

Heirloom tomato

Since 1843 and most popular

Commonly planted

Juicy but meaty

My favorite for biting

Or slicing

Heirloom tomato

Large Red Tomato


Abraham Lincoln Tomato

Early Abe

How many presidents have

A tomato named for them

Plant it early for early fruit

Watch it produce

Almost a bushel

Early Abe

Abraham Lincoln Tomato


Glacier Tomato

Cold weather tomato

For northern gardens

With threat of early frost

And as its name implies

Will not stop bearing

When others die

Cold weather tomato

Glacier tomato


Delicious Tomato

What a flavor


of size

Or shape or stem

Results that all

want in the end

What a flavor

Delicious Tomato



NaPoWriMo prompt on names of plants in seed catalogs



So Many Tomatoes