Fish in Jamestown Harbor

There are fish in the water so the fishermen put out their boats, night and day. The nets bring a haul, both large and small, and when the boat is full, it is pulled ashore and the fish are released onto land in baskets and buckets. Some are smoked right on the beach, while others are spiced and fried. Who knows where the rest of the fish go.

The Jamestown Fishing Harbor Project has began with the demolition of existing structures at the site of the Chinese funded $60 million Jamestown Fishing Harbor Complex. There will be dredging of 118,000 cubic meters in the harbor basin and shipping channels; construction of hydraulic structures, seawall, a breakwater, and supporting facilities including a fish market and a processing area. Who knows where the rest of the people will go.


dVerse prompt on boat. On May 21, 2020, the demolition of over 400 temporary and permanent structures occurred at Jamestown fishing community. Is this neocolonialism or a move to benefit the Ghanaian people?

Photo taken in Jamestown in September 2019.

Fish in Jamestown Harbor

Going to Ghana

I am packed, ready to go. The hardest task was getting SHOTS! I was starting to feel like a dog. First there was tetanus, the most practical of shots. Ready for that rusty nail. I took the shots one at a time, one a week. Typhoid next, ready for the apocalypse and no clean water. Hepatitis A and B combined so twice the cost. Did I mention that shots are cheaper at the pharmacy? So, shop around for your shots cuz you won’t be going into parts of Africa without your yellow card showing all of your vaccines. Saving the worst for last — yellow fever. All because of a mosquito. Plan ahead for this one because supply is limited. One source will not shoot you if you are over 60. You can react up to 14 days. I didn’t so thinking I was going to die from a yellow fever vaccine trying to get to Ghana, it didn’t happen. Must have a visa to go to Ghana. Have to send your passport to them so plan ahead. Hard to make a quick, spur of the moment trip to Ghana.

days before Ghana

start my malaria tabs

pesky mosquitoes


dVerse prompt using artwork of Beverly Dyer. This is her watercolor painting called Sunrise.

Going to Ghana