No More Shade

Under the canopy resting and weary

too much success for Jonah

who brought a word to Nineveh

the people repented

and Jonah was angry with God

How can such a warring people

find salvation from you God

then the worm came

ate the tree

no more shade

dVerse prompt on shade

No More Shade

Coffee Ghazal

Struggle to find a word worth repeating   coffee

Drink it from my favorite cup   coffee


It was once an undiscovered bean

Finds honor now in our daily routine   coffee


Explorer John Smith after drinking with Turks

Drank in the captain’s galley  from a demi cup   coffee


When the Europeans brought it to US

Some said yuk give me tea not   coffee


Others celebrated and wanted the brew

Roasted bean over a hot skillet fire   coffee


People sought out the beverage

with spices liqueurs and assemblage   coffee


Boston’s The Green Dragon served it too

out of that house a revolution brewed   coffee


Look at what 400 years can do

Wordshophop ghazal is through   coffee



NaPoWriMo prompt – write a ghazal








Coffee Ghazal

Rembrandt’s Bathsheba

This Rembrandt of

Bathsheba at Her Bath

light drenches her body

let water cling

like eyes that lust upon her


Her beauty wrapped in time

when all the kings and men

went out to war

yet David stays



Sun reaches out to touch

where others dare not

naked least the jewels

bind her to the day



He must decide

leave her be

or take her in his palace

the rest is


Rembrandt’s Bathsheba


In a dream I was drinking wine again

from a glass decanter

the wine was sweet

yet I was hiding it from myself


the only observers were three mannequins

all women one standing two were seated

crosslegged on the floor unmoving

yet I hid the wine from them


my lips held the sweetness of wine

eyes locked with the eyes of the mannequin

the tall one standing off to the left

I promised her not to tell


that she was standing immovable






Little Fox

At the edge of the cedar grove on a partly cloudy with chance of rain day,
a red fox came out of the fox hole. As was the custom of foxes, this small
animal would hide in the brush and pounce on an unsuspecting rabbit or bird,
mouse or squirrel, at times find a fresh roadkill or a fish by the stream.
Lately the fox had taken to hanging around the primitive shed roof shack
where I sIt at the window watching for its appearance; it curious and seeking food
and myself curious and seeking a glimpse of its sleek reddish fur and bushy tail.
Just as I feared that the fox was not going to show itself today, there it is.
Right there. See the red against the green? Look under the big cedar tree. Look
to the left of the garden. See. Now the fox is moving towards the garden
where yesterday it dug holes and chewed the bark of a grapevine.
We watch as the fox enters the garden and past the newly emerging pea plants,
the sprouting spinach and past the early forming strawberries. A tap on the glass
and off it runs.

Catch us the foxes,
The little foxes
that ruin the vineyards –
For our vineyard is in blossom.
The Song of Songs 2:15

Little Fox