One Time

one time

I kissed my mother’s corpse

it was very cold

one time 

swinging a golf club

I hit a girl on the head

one time

I got too close to an alligator

won’t do that again

one time

I found my father’s gun

but never touched it

one time

I took a boat to France

it went very fast

one time

I married a handsome man

he makes me laugh


PAD prompt – something you have done one time

One Time

Road Trip #2


City of Rocks New Mexico

structures by nature

mighty stones too grand

for my camera lens

a must see memory


Campsites tucked among

these giants

formed of volcanic action

chiseled by wind and water

megaliths on the desert floor


We pitched our tent on rock

made 35 million years ago

a mere baby that awoke

in this galactic year

where now we sleep



PAD prompt – travel poem




Road Trip #2

Road Trip #1


Forgotten Coast Highway

along the panhandle of Florida

don’t forget to walk the shores

beach after beach after beach

you need more than a day


This time we procrastinate

no need to hurry

almost blown away at St Joe

mark your entrance

so you can find your way back


St Andrew St George

Henderson Beach State Park

just to name a few

the road winds past

not forgotten



PAD prompt – travel poem




Road Trip #1