Finding Kindness

I am on an inner search for kindness in my life.  How I was rescued from my own dispair or sought to help another.  Not wanting to confuse kindness with congeniality or cultural differences I felt a lifting of the heart when I thought of You.

The day You sent a message to the children of Israel that You would come again.  The prophets wrote Your words that we should all repent.  Hard to see the kindness in rebuke or recompense yet Your hope is there.

Let the soul find GOD

Hidden in small daily chores

I fall to my knees


dVerse haibun prompt on kindness, still searching

Finding Kindness

Almost Seventy Song

Perspective on a song

Seven decades

Holding strong

Ghost Riders in the Sky

See the steers horns and hoofs

Old cowboys never catch them

Riding by on horses breathing fire

Ghost Riders in the Sky

A warning from on high

Don’t be a ghost rider in the sky

Live your life right

Or forever ride

Ghost Riders in the Sky


d’Verse prompt – number one hit song year you were born

Almost Seventy Song