There is a wasp in the house

the kind the Internet sites say

if you get stung you might as well

fall down and start screaming

cuz it will hurt like hell


i close all the doors

don’t want surprise attack in the night

I keep my eye on it

as it looks up at me

content in some crumpled paper


If it moves I will hear it

when it claws at the paper

 a rustling sound to let me know

it is on the move


For days it has been on the front porch

menacing flight to keep us from opening the door

I should have let Anna kill it with the hose

Now it found a way inside

when our guard was down


Is it starting a nest

laying eggs or coming here to die

I could trap it suck it up in the vacuum

throw the big dictionary on it

or get the bug spray


Or do nothing and hope for the best

The only book bigger than our dictionary

is Constitutional Law

I could drop both on it

but  first I will bake an apple pie


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