no more Greek gods and goddesses

give up my Socratic thought

Platonic beginning middle end

architectural style of parthenons

plantations and capitols

Texas Goddess of Liberty

Ceres Goddess of Agriculture

tops the art deco skyscraper

Chicago Board of Trade Building

1930 once the tallest in the city


“People will endeavor to forecast

the future and to make agreements

according to their prophecy.”

Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes

Chicago  Board of Trade versus

Christie Grain and Stock Company

ruling May 8, 1905


My God is a jealous God

Dust Bowl 1931-1939

the crops die under clouds of dirt

by 1934 affecting 27 states

People pray for their children

leave their land

until rain comes

and the wheat is golden again


“Ceres”  31’6″ x  8′ oil on fabric 1930 by John W. Norton


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