I Saw My Mother Dying

I saw my mother dying

Can recognize when someone is about to give up life

“That’s life” an old woman says at the library when the copy machine won’t copy

“That’s death” I say to myself

in between is limbo

Her strong bones frail now

meds keep her under

she wants more

skin pocked with injections

she doesn’t want to know me

what’s the point

she is dying

it can happen to anyone

at anytime

you don’t have to be old to die

I Saw My Mother Dying

6 thoughts on “I Saw My Mother Dying

  1. Beverly Crawford says:

    This resonates grief and despair. Sometimes getting out of this world is more traumatic than getting in. I recall my father saying “Why can’t I just die?” Your words brought that to mind. And, when he did, the family gathered left his room and went to the nursery to see the new-born babes to remind us of the circle of life.


  2. M says:

    My apologies for replying so late – life and work intruded.

    Deeply emotive; raw; clear-eyed.

    Thanks for adding to the Limbo prompt

    ~ M


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