Hometown Building

The library, church, elementary and junior high school were buildings significant to my childhood.  Their appearances would suggest that they were built around the same era with bricks from the same brickyard perhaps by the same bricklayers.  I never knew their history only their halls and rooms.

A tornado destroyed the schools.  The old library has been purchased for an upscale living space.  The church still has service once a week by a visiting pastor who says God is good.  The organist plays but there is no choir.  High on the steeple, bells still ring out the time and a tune.

oh what memories

built from debris of the past

rip through the springtime


dVerse prompt to write a haibun on your hometown

Hometown Building

12 thoughts on “Hometown Building

    1. It was excessive – $18 million damage from the tornado in 1968, in the 1980s the Chicago Great Western Railway closed shop and took the jobs after 90 years of business there. Then meth moved in. Sad story of my hometown but when I was there last fall I saw hope.


  1. I like the concise and unsoftened approach you use to tell the story, such a tragic one, and yet those memories live on, expressed so beautifully in your haiku.


  2. your haibun shows two sides of a story of a place that has been through a tragedy and manages to continue strong. i think of the left behind things that give the place its character, some things like that are never damaged by disaster.


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