Blue Hydrangeas 

Cicadas hidden 

                tremor in trees

united in crescendo before ten in the morning

roses need water

         blue hydrangeas ready to droop

fig ripens

          one on the branch that birds have forgotten

this is a day before the rain

          tomorrow will be a deeper watering

dVerse prompt with a blue quadrille

Blue Hydrangeas 

Beach Walk

The sand on my feet, waves lap at the leg of my pants, the water sometimes warm, sometimes cold. I can walk for miles on the beach and always search for a shell or a rock or some mysterious shape.

The best beach walk is after an all night storm and in the morning there is
calm. If you find your way before dawn there are only a few people. You might be the first to find a sea bean that has travelled all the way from Costa Rica.

water moves on earth
uniting the continents
seeks its own border

Beach Walk