A Word

Start with a word

not just any word

Word moist with truth

revealing my truth

Truth hard to find

seek til you find

Find its purpose

aware of purpose

Purpose to write

so hope to write

Write now


NaPoWriMo Day 30 prompt to give directions. I hope this will help me keep writing after today.

A Word

Into This Life

Bad dreams

Wake the sleep

Are anything other than

Bad experience or


Gone away or

that sadness and

A suicidal melancholy

How ridiculous to believe

That no one loves your


It’s all that we have

How did I ever forget the

Beauty of life

I was so asleep!

We are all in a bad dream

You’ll say, I can’t believe

You can believe in



back and laugh at

temporary circumstance

One day you will look

Far deeper into this life

NaPoWriMo prompt using a Rumi poem

Into This Life