inspired by the Carrington event



shattering storm                  

swirling gases of hydrogen and helium

ready to flare

predictable from prominences and filaments  

from millions of miles away an aurora borealis is made        


beautiful auroras that spanned into the Caribbean 

when the sun touched the earth the newspapers said   


dVerse prompt to write a sun quadrille

Adapted from a longer poem


Lights Out

Turn off the light

see no more Victoria burning bright

let us return to black as night

so we can see the stars again

Sun drowns them out by day

not by chance do we catch that ray

overhead is the Milky Way

part of the universe we find ourselves in

What if there was no light pollution

look at the heavens for a solution

find a universe with the same mutation

trillions of years away from where we begin

We can’t start over with another universe shapen

our sun will burn out before that can happen


Somewhat of a sad sonnet – day 4 of NaPoWriMo

Lights Out