Forgotten Fruit

Loss of appetite

when apples go rotten

fermenting within

mush to touch

wrinkled skin


Under the tree

no pie nor cider

an apple wine

it could have been

it falls to spoil


Forgotten fruit

of the garden

will keep the soil

ripe and ready


dVerse prompt on spoil in quadrille form

Forgotten Fruit

Thanksgiving Pie

Make pie

before the apples spoil

some too far gone

others need a peel

core out rot

slices sugarcoated

Crust over with cinnamon

butter the size of a walnut 

seal with fluted edge 

don’t forget pumpkin

out of the cellar

no more vinegar pie


dVerse prompt on the word spoil in quadrille form. In colonial times women

would make vinegar pie when the fruits and vegetables were gone.

Thanksgiving Pie